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Well-being in your home through textiles

Models and collections that combine inspiration and culture, with fabrics from India, Morocco, Europe and South America, selected with care, privileging what is natural for an optimal sensation.

Cushions, covers; bedspreads, sets; napkins, indoor clothing made with noble materials with a delicate touch, have gradually emerged.
The products are custom made with craftsmanship and know-how in Argentina.


Intimacy of the boudoir, femininity & poetry are the master words of this line. A mixture of materials and sensations, the softness of velvet blending with the delicacy of linen. Powdery tones in shades of roses, bluish gray, taupe and beiges & poetic prints.


Soft cushions & quilts. Elegant cotton and linen from Paris, Morocco and Argentina; turquoise, teal and electric blues, dry and dark greens, light and metallic grays, delicate beiges and the purity of white.


I have always loved the clothes and fabrics in which you want to unwind. Small shorts made of soft cotton and lace, and delicate cushions in satin or cotton hook. Soon, indoor pants and bathrobes.


Powerful colors, full of life, infinite prints and ancestral Indian know-how. Table collection: sets and napkins in printed cotton and delicate linen; printed blue, brick, white pillows and embroidered tunics.

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