The Balinese are very devout, and show it nicely through ‘Segehan’; offerings for their gods. Every day, they carefully prepare a tray consisting of a meal, flowers, cigarettes, a gift, and chocolates to honor their Gods and Goddesses. It is fascinating to observe this ritual, they are seen offering it to the sea, placing it in front of temples or statues, as well as in their cars, especially taxis, to protect their journeys.


Bali has several exquisite and hidden beaches.

Surfer beach, young and lively atmosphere, beautiful sea; be careful of the waves while taking a dip, they are quite violent and can be dangerous. It is wiser to observe their prowess, comfortably installed on a lounge chair.

You can reach the most beautiful beach of the island, that of the hotel Karma Kundara, with a small cable car. Enjoy delicious fresh fish in the restaurant and relax with a massage on the beach (entrance fee).


Splendid places of worship where you can witness the people’s adoration for the Gods.

TANAH LOT : Tabanan, West Bali

ULUWATU : Uluwatu, Jimbaran

GOA GAJAH : Ubud, Central Bali

PURA ULUN DANU BRATAN : Bedugul, Tabanan

BESAKIH : Karangasem, East Bali