Casa Cavia

Concept store in a delightful period home. Private space with dangling books, ideal for a nice dinner. The patio, with by a fountain and a corner florist to buy beautiful bouquets, is a must at any time.

Palermo Chico, Cavia 2985, +54 11 4801-9693.

Closed on Mondays. Everyday: 9AM - 12AM

Dada Bistro

Popular bar for the trendy Buenos Aires youth. Dishes of the day, empanadas, ravioli, wok… Come for the atmosphere, that can last until very late! Great cocktails including maracuya caipiroska (vodka and passion fruit).

Retiro, San Martín 941, +54 11 4314-4787

Closed on Sundays. Everyday: 12PM - 4AM

Florería Atlántico

Animated restaurant in the basement of a delightful boutique both florist and wine cellar. Variety of tapas, langoustines, fish parrillada, varied and inventive cuisine, very good cocktails.

Retiro, Arroyo 872, +54 11 4313-6093.

Open every night

Gran Bar Danzon

Delicious sushi and rolls, traditional dishes, delicious cocktails. Lively atmosphere, lots of young people, jazz night on Wednesdays and a DJ and Thursdays and weekends.

Recoleta, Libertad 1161, +54 11 4811-1108

Open every night


A San Telmo classic with market cuisine and a friendly clientele. Catas de vino: wine tastings on Tuesdays. Extend your evening at the BeBop, the bar in the basement, good selection of live bands, including lots of jazz.

San Telmo, Moreno 372, +54 11 4334-2380

Open everday


Very appreciated by all generations, pleasant atmosphere. Good grills, delicious parrillada del mar (barbecue of seafood), the panqueque of manzana (apple crêpe) is delicious.

Recoleta, Posadas 1519, +54 11 4804-4944

Open everyday: 12PM - 4PM, 8PM - 12AM


Beautiful garden facing the Rio de la Plata, perfect for a lunch in the sun or an exotic dinner. Excellent traditional cuisine, ideally come to dine before going to dance at Tequila (THE club where all the locals go), the next door over.

Costanera Norte, Av. Cst. Norte 6311, +54 11 4788-0437

Open everyday: 12PM - 2AM


Classic decor and attentive waiters. A classic for perfectly cooked fish, served with sauces and a variety of side dishes. Excellent wine menu and delicious desserts.

Recoleta, Antonio Beruti 2602, +54 11 4821-3741

Closed on Sundays. Everyday: 12PM - 2AM

Nouvelle Cuisine

Terraces & gardens


Refined and elegant decor in the Four Seasons Hotel. Excellent meat, subtle and delicate fish, homemade ice cream. Finish the evening at the Pony Line, the trendy hotel bar, with a live DJ on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Recoleta, Posadas 1086/88, +54 11 4321-1200

Open everyday: 7AM - 3:30PM, 7:30PM - 12:30AM

Paraje Arévalo

Tasting menu that changes daily, depending on the available ingredients and the chef’s mood. The specialty, not to be missed, is the egg cooked at 60°C with perfect texture. Original and delicious dishes served in a pretty room with a relaxed atmosphere.

Palermo Hollywood, Arévalo 1502, +54 11 4775-7759

Open everyday


Impressive room with an open kitchen and a wine cellar in the middle to choose your wine from. Varied and refined menu: excellent ceviche, burrata, saffron rice with langoustines.

Belgrano, José de Sucre 676, +54 11 4782-9082

Open everyday: 11h30AM - 4PM, 8PM - 1AM


Discover the elegant room and courtyard filled with banana trees hidden behind a surprising exterior wall, filled with graffiti. The inventive dishes created by German Martituegui, one of the most popular chefs of the moment, are that treat and showcase local products.

Palermo Hollywood, Costa Rica 5852, +54 11 5291-3333

Closed on Mondays. Everyday: 8:30PM - 12AM

Home Hotel

This tropical garden in the heart of Palermo is a haven of peace. Very pleasant by day, it is illuminated by lanterns at nightfall; enjoy the delicious pizzas and salted plates.

Palermo, Honduras 5860, +54 11 4779-1006

Open everyday: 8AM - 12:30AM

La Mar

Unique terrace with a bar that surrounds a century-old tree, and offers fabulous cocktails. Delicious Peruvian fish and seafood recipes concocted by Gaston Acuria, an internationally renowned chef.

Palermo, Arévalo 2024, +54 11 4776-5543

Everyday : 12:30PM - 12AM, Mondays : 8PM - 12AM


Magnificent period home, that has remained unscathed by time, the beautiful entrance hall leads to the patio, and a magnificent staircase leads to the floors above. Lovely setting for a drink while tasting tapas, or having a nice lunch, far from the turmoil of the city.

Recoleta, Paraná 1048, +54 11 4815-9925

Open everyday

Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt

The hotel is home to a divine garden where guests can enjoy delicious restaurants: tasty market cuisine at the Piano Nobile, Italian specialties at Goia and refined classic Argentine dishes at Vinoteca.

Recoleta, Av. Alvear 1661, +54 11 5171-1234

Open everday