The “asado” (classic barbecue) is a tradition that comes from the campo and the gauchos in Argentina.
Nowadays, it is an integral part of the locals’ lifestyle. Argentineans love this grilled meat, that has a unique flavor. Any excuse is good, in order to share a nice moment and meet around a good asado with friends or family.

There are several steps to tasting asados: empanadas (bread stuffed with meat), provoleta (melted cheese), chorizos (sausages), mojellas (veal sweetbread), morcilla (pudding) and then various cuts of beef and pork; the meat is grilled with firewood, with gives it a unique taste. And of course a good local red wine, go for a Malbec or a Cabernet Sauvignon.

A non-exhaustive list of “parrillas” that I love in Buenos Aires
(Restaurants specialized in meat)

La Brigada

Beloved institution, the walls are covered with soccer jerseys and pictures of famous guests. Secret cuts of infinite tenderness with a unique taste, great desserts. In the original room, ask Hugo the owner to visit the winery!

San Telmo, Estados Unidos 478, +54 11 4361-4685

Open everyday: 12PM - 3PM, 20PM - 12AM

La Carniceria

Trendy version of the classic "parrilla", the tiny room is always full! Incredible revisited classics; young and friendly atmosphere, opt for the bar and tables on the far side against the wall.

Palermo Soho, Thames 2317, +54 11 2071-7199.

Closed on Mondays. Everyday: 8PM - 12AM

El Mirasol

Classic elegance and fine service. Two addresses: in Puerto Madero opt for the heated terrace in winter, and in Recoleta go to the lovely patio. Divine empanadas and exquisite specialty: the 5 costillas asado, incredible and atypical cut.

Recoleta, Posadas 1032, +54 11 4326-7322

Puerto Madero, Av. A. de Justo 138, +54 11 4515-0558.

Open everyday: 12PM - 2AM

La Cabaña

Refined decoration with large leather armchairs. As soon as the weather is nice, opt for the terrace. Taste the "chorizo ​​bombon" & the empanadas. Beautiful cellar in the entrance, which includes a Malbec specially made in Mendoza for the restaurant.

Puerto Madero, Av. A. de Justo 380, +54 11 4314-3710

Open everyday: 11:30AM - 1AM

Don Julio

Very authentic with leather tablecloths and wine bottles autographed by customers. Ask to be in the first room or on the pleasant terrace. Empanadas among the best in town, meat cooked to perfection, taste the papas rejillas. Make a reservation!

Palermo Soho, Guatemala 4699, +54 11 4832-6058

Open everyday: 12PM - 1AM

El Pobre Luis

Classic decoration with walls covered with soccer jerseys, dedicated by the players. Relaxed atmosphere in this institution renowned for the quality of its meat. You must absolutely taste the sweetbreads, they are divine!

Belgrano, Arribeños 2393, +54 11 4780-5847

Open everyday: 8PM - 12:30AM